School: The Henry Lawson High School

Name: Bullseye

Commodity: Beef Industry

What years and classes were involved: Years 7-9

Theme:   Agriculture- An Endangered species

Snakes and Ladders

Artwork Concept:

The snake and ladders board game shows the difficulties of the beef industry, but also shows the positive view of the future and past. The game allows players to understand that the choices they make in the beef industry can affect them positively and negatively. Although, there are some issues that are beyond the farmer’s control, which can depend only on how they roll the dice.

Stylistic influences:

By using the well-known childhood game of chance, our snakes and ladders game has been appropriated to connect to the beef industry. Players will face difficulties while also identifying positive choices that can be made to manage these. The challenges that they face are dependent on the roll of the dice.

The Heidelberg painting by Elioth Gruner, Spring Frost, 1918, has been appropriated and made more modern. While still connecting to the Australian history of beef farming it also presents the positive view of the modern industry and the importance of family farming.

The marbled legs show the various qualities of beef and relates also to the art of the Aboriginal culture.

The golden hooves are associated to the history of the gold rush in Grenfell and has also become a signature feature of The Henry Lawson High School as we included it on the 2014 Archibull.

To connected the snake and ladders board game to our Archibull, we painted a green snake using the tail of the cow as the head and ran it over the spine and ended the snake on the left shoulder. The other connection that we have made with this snake is to the biblical story of The Garden of Eden. The snake represents the threats that may occur throughout farming and Adam and Eve are the farmers that have to deal with challenges that these threats represent.

Targets have been incorporated throughout the board and Archibull as much of our information was gathered from the Target 100 website and we believe that the farming industry should be striving to meet these challenges, hence the name “Bullseye”.

The other side of Bullseye has a butcher painted on the right shoulder as a symbol of the importance of local butchers in small towns such as ours. There is also another painting of a family enjoying beef at a barbeque. This symbolises the stereo-typical Aussie barbie and reflects the consumer’s perspective of beef as enjoyable product. We have included a menu for The Beterarian Café which challenges people to consider where there beef comes from the consumers perspective.

The face of Bullseye has been painted realistically to give him character.

What makes your Archibull unique?

There are many different unique qualities of our Archibull as it incorporates many different ideas instead of one individual thought. We made the snakes and ladders game interactive to engage our audience and informed of the beef industry. We also included our own branding name on the right rump of Bullseye to show ownership of the cow. The game pieces (snakes, ladders and cows) were made using a 3D printer to allow us to use the technology available to make all parts of our project ourselves.

IMG_1620 IMG_1621