Target 100 is an initiative run by Australian sheep and cattle farmers to make our agricultural practices more sustainable. There are 100 goals that Target 100 is currently trying to achieve.
These are some that are relevent to the beef industry-
#1 Farm300: Boosting livestock production efficiency by reducing GHG emissions from livestock
#3 Adapting to climate variability
#4 Seeking a cattle tick vaccine
#5 Measuring methane in grazing livestock
#6 Developing membranes to better measure methane
#7 Measuring methane emissions from grazing sheep and cattle
#8 Using genetic technologies to reduce methane emissions from Australian beef cattle
#11 Assessing feed additives to reduce methane emissions
#12 Investigating the role of nitrate salts in cutting methane emissions
#13 Cutting livestock methane emissions through nitrate supplements
#14 Investigating livestock feed options to cut methane emissions in southern Australia
#17 Investigating the role of plants in livestock methane production
#18 Efficient Livestock and Low Emissions from southern grazing systems
#21 Understanding micro-organisms in livestock
#22 Phosphorus efficient legume pasture systems#23 Analysing livestock microbes to cut methane emissions
#24 Identifying shrubs that can be fed to sheep and cattle to cut methane production
#25 Supporting the sustainable & profitable development of northern Australia’s beef industry
#26 Feedlot manure greenhouse gas emissions
#27 Identifying the effects of vaccination in cattle prior to feedlot entry
#35 Remoting calving alert system for beef cattle
#37 Whole farm analysis
#47 Developing innovative livestock systems to adapt to climate change & reduce emissions
#48 Walk over weighing remote camera monitoring for cattle
#51 Demonstrating the benefits of implementing water point telemetry on extensive beef enterprises
#53 Breeding cattle without horns
#56 Using fungus to reduce fly numbers at cattle feedlots
#57 Effect of muddy feedlot pens on cattle
#58 Finding better strategies to deal with bovine respiratory disease
#59 Reducing heat load on cattle in Feedlots
#60 Best practice beef breeding management in Indonesia
#64 More Beef from Pastures
#77 Studying bedding materials for cattle feedlots
#78 Using algae to supplement cattle protein needs
#80 Working to prevent serious livestock diseases
#100 Coordination of the National Livestock Methane Program
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