The Local Land Services are a department that unites agricultural production advice, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management into a single organisation. The Local Land Services is built around farmers, and provide fast and professional advice to increase productivity and profits, and maximise land use to create a healthy business, as well as to promote biosecurity and environmental sustainability through farming practices. The LLS combines the expertise of organisations such as the CMA, DPI and LHPA so all the information is in one place. All Local Land Services officers are local to their regions, so they know the specific agricultural systems and natural resource base for the region, and can make tailored decisions for each area and industry.


Eleven LLS regions cover the Central tablelands including the Central West, Greater Sydney, Hunter, Murray, North Coast and Northern Local Land Services. In each region the Local Land Services officers work with farmers and the community to encourage practice change across the areas of agricultural advice, biosecurity, emergency management and natural resource management.

Agricultural Advice
The Local Land Services provide agricultural advice on cropping, irrigation, mixed farming and the use of chemicals, as well as livestock advice.

The Local Land Services work with the local community to prevent animal and plant pests and diseases from having a negative impact on the farming industry and the natural environment. They offer assistance in relation to pest, disease and weed control.

Emergency Management
The Local Land Services works with farmers to create plans to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters such as floods, droughts and bushfires, as well as biosecurity emergencies such as disease outbreaks and locust plagues.

Natural Resource Management
The Local Land Services help communities to develop strategies for the management of natural resources such as sustainable water.

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