Well, the paints are packed away, the lights are all off and the doors are locked. I tell you what; this school is pretty scary when I’m in here all alone!
But these two weeks to myself have given me time to think, what is this whole thing all about?

Throughout the entire creation, decoration and transformation of me while at The Henry Lawson High School I have heard students and teachers discussing many things, including what the Archibull Prize, and their beloved Bullseye mean to them.IMG_3280

The entire Archibull process is one of learning for the students and teachers alike. I’ve overheard year 7’s, 8’s and 9’s teaching primary school students how to paint, and run a blog, just like this one.

I’ve seen the endless research and listened to all the new information on sustainability and beef production that they have discovered during this process.


I’ve listened in while they explained the ins and outs of the challenges of farming and sustainability at the Archibull Gala Day.


I’ve been there as they discussed how to best represent their ideas in a creative way, and as they wondered how they could put everything that they have learned onto one magnificent beast, me.


But most of all I heard the happiness and laughter in their voices as they worked together as a team to create a masterpiece of beauty and information, again, me.


As I wait for the school holidays to end and the students to come bouncing back through the doors to put the finishing touches on all of my various parts, I’ll think of all the memories we have made together, and –

WHAT WAS THAT? I just heard a noise coming from across the room!
I hope my nerves hold out until the students get back!

Happy Holidays!