If you’ve been reading our previous posts you will know all about the amazing work being done on our 2015 Archibull Prize entry. You will also know about the amazing struggle to name said entry. Our cow has so much personality that we are unsure which name fully encapsulates the true meaning of the artwork.

We have narrowed the list of names down from 17 to 2, and we need your help to decide on which best suits our cow.

  1. Golden Grove

The Golden Grove was the ship of the First Fleet which brought the first cattle to Australia. On board were four cows, one bull and one bull calf. The ‘Golden’ half of the name can also be a reference to the goldmining history of Grenfell, our wonderful hometown.

  1. Bullseye

The name Bullseye links to one of the recurring symbols in our art work, a target for Target 100. Target 100 is an initiative run by Australian sheep and cattle farmers aiming for a more sustainable sheep and cattle industry in the future. Bullseye also shows that we are asking the hard questions and targeting the big issues that every farmer faces.

Please vote for which name you think will be the best for our Archibull, by clicking on the link below!