Hello everyone, and welcome to The Archibull Prize 2015!

I’ve been so busy being made over that I’ve completely forgotten to tell you all about it. *Sigh* Where do I start.

I suppose I should introduce myself first. My name is…, well I don’t have one yet but more on that later, and I am the Archibull prize entry for The Henry Lawson High School 2015. There’s been a lot of pressure considering my predecessor, BAM, did so well last year but I think I’m up to the challenge!

And now to the designs!

Jack and Abbey have been giving me a wonderful facelift, with my head and neck in the process of being painted to look like a real Hereford cow.

Abbey and Jack working on face


Bridget and Marie have painted a beautiful image of cattle and a homestead on one of my sides, using an painting called Spring Frost by Elioth Gruner, and changing it to look more like the Australian landscape of today.

Marie painting

painting on left side

On my other side, Hannah and Caitlin are painting a picture of a butcher showing a cut of meat, Isabelle is creating a menu full of bettertarian dishes, for people who like to know where their food comes from and Sarah is painting a picture of a family having a BBQ.


sarah drawing

My legs have been made up to look like marbled meat, because the more marbling in the meat, the better quality it is, and only the best will do for a THLHS cow. My hooves have been painted gold, just like BAM’s, to once again show that Grenfell was built on the gold fields, and my feet are rooted in Grenfell’s golden past!

marbled legs

Speaking of standing, a large game of snakes & ladders is being put together for me to stand on. Now I know it sounds strange, a cow in a game of snakes & ladders, but there’s a good reason behind it. Agriculture as an industry is full of risks, it’s a gamble, and with every ‘roll of the dice’ you can make good decisions or bad ones. You could be sent spiralling down a snake for putting environmental issues such as drought, pests and erosion to the side for the sake of making a profit. Or you could be climbing the ladder of success after you plan and prepare for such problems, helping the environment along the way. The game board is fully interactive, even though I’ll be standing in the middle of it, and the game pieces are little cows, just like me. The snakes, ladders and cows have all been painstakingly created by Andrew and the 3D printer, and everyone is helping out with painting all the bright colours on the game board.  Let me tell you it’s looking marvellous!!

painting the board

And back to the issue of my name. All of the students working on me have come up with some excellent suggestions for what to call me. Even some from other teachers and our principal have added some ideas, in all there were seventeen options and after some intense discussions they eventually narrowed it down to two names- Bullseye and Golden Grove. We will be holding a poll on the blog where YOU can vote for which name you like best!